Seiko Prospex Land Tracer SBEM Watch Collection

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Seiko Prospex stands for “professional specifications”. These watches are unique for their outstanding water resistant ability. It is the preferred brand for people who spend time. The brand has both air and land collection of watches. The latest land collection of 2017 is Seiko Prospex SBEM Land Tracer model. SBEM is a series of solar powered watches that provide a pleasant outdoor experience and 3D functionality for logging and monitoring outdoor activity.

Outdoor Activity Field Log

These watches incorporate Seiko’s unique field log function. The function is incorporated in a smartphone application dedicated to Prospex watches. It synchronizes position information on your smartphone with the altitude information gathered by the clock. The data is logged in 3D by the application. 

The communication between the smartphone and the wristwatch is through Seiko Watch Link, a Bluetooth connection. The trajectory can be displayed superimposed on Google maps. A 3d trace log is a tool that is invaluable for keeping a record of outdoor activities. Most importantly, it recreates the vivid, long lasting impression of the tour, which can be shared on social media platforms.

Log Point Registering Function

While outdoors, you may wish to mark out particular points on your journey. The points may present an eagle's view, especially where you branch off to a different route. The latest Seiko Prospex watch series provides a log point button to record all these. 

The log points are displayed showing altitude and distance differences between them. It also provides the time of travel necessary to move from one location or current position to a log point at current speed. It also takes photos which you can easily share on your timeline.



Weather forecast Information Display

In some cases, fair weather days suddenly become foggy or rainy. Seiko’s weather forecast function provides detailed information on weather elements of the current location. The measured weather elements include temperature, speed, and direction of wind, humidity, and rainfall. The location data is obtained from your smartphone. 

The Koyami display function is another convenient feature on the Seiko Prospex watches. It shows the dates of the month, current moon, and tidal cycles.

Field Sensor

The watches are equipped with three field sensors namely, azimuth, pressure and temperature sensors. The azimuth sensor is useful for outdoor scenes and especially climbing. The pressure sensor measures the atmospheric pressure, which is used to determine the altitude of the location. 

Automatic Time Sync

The time on the clock and that of your smartphone can be synchronized via Bluetooth communications. When the smartphone application starts, it automatically syncs the watch’s time. The synchronization can be carried out also at set intervals for up to 3 times in a day.

Power Generation Display

With the latest Seiko’s solar watches, there is no fear about your watch’s batteries running out. The inbuilt solar cell uses sunlight to charge these batteries. There is a display function that shows the charging level of the clock in 10 steps.

20 ATM water resistant

Like all other Seiko Prospex watches, Land Tracer SBEM models are equipped with 20ATM water resistant. Therefore, you can peacefully take part in offshore activities such as rafting and diving.

Available Models

The models currently available are SBEM001, SBEM003 and SBEM005. The SBEM005 Land Tracer Downhiller is a limited edition designed specifically for outdoor sports. It has reinforced silicon strap with a monotone camouflage pattern. It is durable, and sweat or ultraviolet rays do not affect its performance.

Cost and Considerations

Seiko Prospex SBEM watch series currently costs 50,000 yen plus tax except the SBEM model that costs 52,000 yen + tax. Before purchasing your Land Tracer, ensure that your smartphone runs on an OS that supports the Prospex application. Additionally, if outside Japan, the radio wave communications regulations in your country should allow the use of Bluetooth wavelengths.


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