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Franck Muller Conquistador


In 1994 published the popular series, which was named a meaning of "conqueror to evolve into a new era." The curvaceous Tonou car Becks, the bezel of the double structure wearing a step plus. Such as harmony with the sporty dial and supple curves, has produced a unique three-dimensional feeling. By moderate sense of weight and thickness, it is a model where you can enjoy an overwhelming presence and functional beauty. Is a Franck Muller's first sports watch "Conquistador Grand Prix" is, different titanium, black titanium, pink gold, the Elga as a base and new materials, "Elga" is lightly consisting .6 type of metal has increased overwhelming presence (magnesium, titanium, aluminum, copper, silver, zirconium) by a combination of material to each other the attention in the tough alloy It has attracted.