Rolex Milgauss


1954, for the people who work under special circumstances, such as X-ray technician, watch with a Magnetic resistance has been developed. And "mill" represents the number 1000 in French, is derived from the name to the "gauss", which is a unit of magnetic flux density "Milgauss". However, this performance which is not visible to the eye that Antimagnetic is not quite understand at the time, it will be terminated production in 1989. However, increasing the need for anti-magnetic watch in modern society has become with the presence of the magnetic can not be ignored, and finally in 2007, Milgauss played a revival. When the magnetized adversely affect balance spring in accuracy is made of Parakuromu, etc. also use a special non-magnetized material to escape wheel, it is a special model that Ogora many private parts.