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Two models using Tosa Washi on the dial from Citizen's highest peak "The CITIZEN"

August 17, 2019 0 Comments

Two models using Tosa Washi on the dial from Citizen's highest peak

Citizen watches will be released in August from “The CITIZEN”, the highest peak of the Citizen brand, in August with two limited edition models that use Tosa Washi, one of the three largest Japanese papers on the dial. The product names are “Shinpeki” and “Shinku”. Limited quantity is for only 200 each.

Both models have a unique texture of Japanese paper, with a deep green color like green candy balls, and a deep red color that only people with the traditional nobility of Tosa Washi are allowed to wear It features a dial that expresses Japanese traditional colors.

Japanese paper has been used for shojis to capture light into the room, and is said to be one of the best materials for photovoltaic power generation eco-drive that takes light from the dial and drives it.

Shinpeki (left), Shinku (right)

The Citizen is equipped with a photovoltaic power generation eco-drive movement with a yearly difference of ± 5 seconds. In addition to eliminating the need for regular battery replacement, it has an impact detection function that protects against needle misalignment due to strong impacts, an automatic needle correction function that automatically corrects even when a needle misalignment occurs, and a 0 o'clock just calendar update function.

“Chronomaster” is displayed at 6 o'clock on the dial as a proof of high accuracy. “Eagle Mark” symbolizes the Chronomaster on the dial, and a special specification with a golden eagle mark medallion in the center of the back cover.

Eagle mark on dial and back cover

The case diameter is 37.5mm and the thickness is 10.6mm. The case and band are made of super titanium, which is light and difficult to scratch. The glass is sapphire glass.

Operates for about 1.5 years when fully charged (when power save is activated). 10 ATM water resistant.

The product number is "AQ4020-54X" for Shinpeki and "AQ4020-54Z" for Shinku.